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photo hot Nabila Putri Profile

Selasa, 07 Desember 2010 , Posted by asarif at 01.39

Nabila Putri Profile :

Full name: Athina Nabila Elmias Putri
Popular Name: Nabila Putri
Nickname: Nabila
Name of father / mother: Drs. H. Ec Toto Santoso Yuli MM and Hj. Nancy Ckuwailelah
Place, date of birth: Purwokerto, November 6, 1990
Hobbies: singing, martial arts, writing and watching
Favorite movie: Constantine, The A Team and all good movies
Favorite actor: Vino G Bastian
Favorite actress: Ria Irawan

The experience of Nabila Putri be hosts or presenters, among others:
* Host event 'Wheels Wheels'
* Host the show 'Celebrity Story'
* Co Host event 'enormous buzz' on SCTV
* Presenter Quiz 'Kring Kring FIFA World Cup 2010' at RCTI
* Presenter Quiz 3 Minutes World Cup 2010 on RCTI
* Presenter Indonesian Cup Quiz

Nabila Putri experience in the field of the model include:
* Model Beautiful video for Mother Goddess
* Model Purbasari product photography
* Model photo shoot Telkomsel products
* Model magazine photo shoot

Nabila Putri

Nabila Putri

Nabila Putri

Nabila Putri

Nabila Putri

Nabila Putri

Spoiler bonus :) :

cantik yaa :)
Nabila Putri

Nabila Putri

Tampang melass :p
Nabila Putri

Nabila Putri Biography :

Nabila Putri or familiarly called Bila born in Purwokerto on November 6, 1990. Beautiful girl admirer Vino G Bastian actor was once a quiz show presenters World Cup 2010 on RCTI. Her face is also familiar because of the ads also starred in quite a lot, such as Nabila Putri believed to be a star with the Boy Original Nescafe ad Hamza, image ads, ads Rexona, and much more.

Nabila Putri acting ability can also be seen in several soap operas, sitcoms, and television movie that starred. Acting When that reportedly are 'close' to actor Lucky prime this can be witnessed in the series 'Police 86' which aired on Trans TV. Proximity to the Prime Lucky had become a question many people including the Executive Producer. However, if admitted only close friends with Lucky. Precisely When hope can be met in a single movie title with Vino G Bastian, actor adored.

But be careful, daughter Nabila Putri also good at martial arts. The proof Indonesian cinema players 'Glasses Spirits' is never achieve silat championship winner in a district and First Runner for the provincial level. About acting, no doubt because of Nabila Putri ever won the Best Acting in the event the election Fres Boy and Girl. Model video clip Beautiful Goddess Mother was admitted to pursue a serious career in the entertainment. That's why all the experience gained, he made a whip to get better again in the future. With the spirit and hard work, When sure can be a true entertainer. If successfully created.

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