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Foto Artis dan Presenter Cantik Nabila Putri

Selasa, 07 Desember 2010 , Posted by asarif at 01.37

Nabila Putri

Nabila Putri

Nabila Putri

Nabila Putri

Nabila Putri

Nabila Putri

Nabila Putri

Nabila Putri Collection Six BBM Groups

Since this year Athina Nabila Elmias Putri using the BlackBerry Bold. Telecommunication devices push email which he says is suitable for its communications needs. The existence of the presenter Kring BlackBerry Messenger make FIFA World Cup 2010 was able to sort out chattingnya group. Because many of his friends who also have a BlackBerry, the actress who is known by the name of Nabila Putri is divided into six groups.

"Among others, there is a group which I call shopping group. It contains a children's entertainment are fond of online shopping. Some names Management Group, which my friends in management I. The third group is the DPP Kosgoro 57. That movement Kosgoro Muda Golkar, because daddy of Golkar in Cilacap. So I went Kosgoro, "said a friend called Billa virgin was to phone some time ago at the House of MNC.

The fourth group of friends as his alma mater at the University of Indonesia. Particularly in Broadcast UI. The fifth group are the children of the ad, because previous career in the world's Billa. The last group is the largest group of children called Kampung. They have a lot of spread and there is a study in Yogyakarta and met again thanks to the BlackBerry.

"That play with my friends from childhood in Cilacap. Some of the class of elementary school. The amount is more than 30 people. These children are most often also nge-ping and then to Jakarta, "said the couple's daughter Yuli Toto Santoso and Nancy Ckuailela this.

Nabila Putri claim could not be separated from the BlackBerry. A day does not bring confusion. Since all contacts in this smartphone. Billa is only separated from the BlackBerry while asleep. If families do? "Incidentally Papa and Mama I could not use a BlackBerry. Elders who apparently do not want to bother, "said Billa again.

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