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Foto Artis Seksi Wiwid Gunawan

Minggu, 07 November 2010 , Posted by asarif at 23.31

Wiwid Gunawan

Wiwid Gunawan

Wiwid Gunawan

Wiwid Gunawan

Wiwid Gunawan

Wiwid Gunawan: fantasize With Many Men!

Still there are people doing things such as ancient in the digital age now. For example this one beautiful woman, who said that he was willing to kill in order to increase her beauty is more sadistic again, he did not hesitate to prying eyes, even to cut up his victim's hand. Want to know who the victim? Men! Indeed it is a condition that she still looks beautiful and sexy. Before we all shudder to hear this story is worth FHM cut first.

Introduce Rujuniarti Sapta Pertiwi or better known as Wiwid Gunawan, or perhaps more who knew him as a tea Euis, flirtatious widow in the movie passionate Marriage Contract. And to avoid confusing news about the murder before, we describe here that the story was part of a role in his latest film Wiwid Gunawan entitled "The Peeper". In the film, his body being exploited. One of them, he would often peek through the cracks in the walls of her room. For more details, again, it seems we have to watch the movie. We must ask what if Wiwid spy? We were lucky because it did not need to peek. And Quicker too happy to listen Wiwid talked about his new movie, about fate, until about his life which he said differs 380 degrees from his roles in the movie. The last friend, it seems he is not got a boyfriend ...

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