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Bella Saphira Veronica Simanjuntak

Selasa, 09 November 2010 , Posted by asarif at 08.10

Full Name: Bella Saphira Veronica Simanjuntak
Nick Name: Bella Saphira
Place / Date of Birth: Magelang, August 6, 1973
Nationality: Indonesia
Last Education: S1 economics Trisakti
Occupation: singers
Favorite Musician: Mariah Carey
Favourite Movie Star: Mel Gibson
Favourite Author:
Height: Weight: 165 cm / 50 kg
Size: Shirt: S Pants: M Shoes: 37

Bella Saphira in elegant fashion model photoshoot photo, image, and picture gallery. Beautiful top Indonesian singer, actress, model, and women celebrity Bella Saphira in elegant fashion model photoshoot. Bella Shapira looks beautiful, elegant, luxury, charming, and amazing, with an elegant dress that she wears. That elegant dress fashion is perfect with the unique atmosphere, so it looks more luxury. Bella Saphira is very appropriate to be an elegant dress fashion model. Of course, because supported by her natural Asian beauty, so all look elegant and luxurious. Bella Shapira in elegant fashion model photoshoot model photos, images, and pictures collection courtesy of unknown.

Career Sinetron:
Nyah CEMPLON, DEWI FORTUNA, HOUSE OF CONCRETE, stepped on the clouds, NORMA, between two CHOICE, TIME CONTINUES WALKING, King of the Road


Foto gallery Sexy Bella Saphira - picture Sexy Bella Saphira - wallpapaper celebrity Sexy Bella Saphira so looks other gallery foto artis indonesia on blog foto artis indonesia..

Bella Saphira

Bella Saphira

"Sheen Saphir" Bella Saphira

"What a crystal clear eyes. Look deeply, and then you will understand if beningnya lake water in the endless jungle, though it seems hard to match the clarity of a pair of eyes. Then menyelamlah in essentially the cool, wandered in the deepest trench. Do you see the bluish glow of light? Complete woman named Bella Saphira Veronica Simanjuntak was blessed with a couple of eyeballs that are spectacularly beautiful. 'I am thankful blessed derived from mothers who have pure white skin and big eyes are good, "she said softly."
When that figure Bella standing to challenge with sharp eyes thrilling. Any typhoon tempest-swept embers of the fire which was languishing in the depths of the pulse. How can avoid the anxiety that cover the grave of conscience? Golden wings as if pushed from behind her back. Is this an angel who brought winds north to the finite universe? Or is the figure of the fairy nirvana, dubbed the most beautiful of all fairy fairies?

Bella Saphira

Bella Saphira

The owner of 165 centimeters tall and weighing 50 kg was smiling for a moment. She said if the seriousness of health problems is quite strong. 'Fortunately I did not like snacking, I prefer to consume vitamin C and drinking juice, "said the daughter to the third of four siblings.

This girl's name as though through the sky when her role in the drama 'Lady Luck' a few years ago could make a puddle of tears mixed with smiles and sympathy to people of the country. But at this time, his adventures culminated in a collection of tone and sound of the surge.

Bella Saphira

Bella Saphira,Bella Saphira

Through the album 'Behold My Heart' which came out since 2005 earlier, this pure Batak blooded girl wrote almost the entire song lyrics, and also appeared as an active producer and arranger of songs. Musical journey not since yesterday afternoon. Since grade school he'd wrestle a musical instrument piano. When high school she was active as a soprano in church choirs. In 1989 he debuted as a guest singer on the album 'Halmahera Band Album'. Then the 'Voice of Asia Album' in 1992, and was published first solo album in 1996 entitled 'Love in high school'.

Stanza by stanza life story she scratched through an ink-ink pens that write poetry. Pens that dance while natural soul kiss miss rest of his life. There are times when his fingers could not incised million lentiknya hope, there is a beautiful time melodies he could not hum. If the door has been closed language, where to find the window of love?

Bella Saphira

Bella Saphira

"Sometimes it is very difficult to find inspiration to write lyrics to songs. I never impose it, when it could no longer, I opted for a trip to the beach. When refreshing while enjoying the beauty of the beach, it was actually the inspiration arises. Yes I have, I direct my songs recorded in a tape recorder, "she said, smiling.

Where are you the sun? Why do not you make a social as well? Though the night has left sumringah zenith in the evening. Or did he love the window is not too wide open? So that shimmered with golden sinarmu difficult to wander in the coffers of his heart. Duhai ... Would you love a window open just a little piece kayumu? Do you not see the struggle of love in the ocean there? Even the sea water was willing to beg on the pearl to break the shell.

Bella Saphira,Bella Saphira

Bella Saphira

"Actually, years ago I put the target in 2005 married, just had not accomplished, but I think better late, than forcing a relationship that I was not sure was right," She said with deep seriousness.

She thinks he should be someone who deserves be a role model in all things, good and moral intelligence. Perfection is not of this world, but the sun and the clouds that shade the perfection of the heavens is not impossible to find. These women believe one gemawan will open a window of his love. One of the rays will dive into the lake in his eyes. At the bottom of the lake will look bluish glow of light centered from a stone like a diamond a diamond, that's light gleaming Saphir.

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